Terms of Service

Welcome to Sawateam!

In order for everyone to have a safe & fun time here, we have a couple of simple rules.

  • DO NOT re-upload our translations on any other site without our permission. We are all volunteers who do this for free and not for profit and therefore do not want aggregator sites to make profit from our work. The only sites we upload to are our blog and MangaDex. If we see people uploading onto other sites without our permission, we may be forced to stop translations for the affected project

  • DO NOT under any circumstances upload any part of our work onto twitter, instagram or any other social media. The authors use these websites and may reach out to pursue legal action if they feel we are infringing their copyright, which would get us in trouble and force all translations to stop.

By reading on our website, you are agreeing to these terms. Hit the button to find the updates.